Monday, 12 May 2014

CVNT TRAXXX "Make Love (Vjuan Allure Remix)" at STREETSTAR 2014

OMG Vjuan Allure played his remix of Make Love off the Cannabis Kitsch EP at the Streetstar preliminary vogue battle and IT WENT OFF!! Even the judges were loving it. I could have died and gone to heaven right then!!

Monday, 5 May 2014

SPF666 Scorpion Cache EP

Loving this EP on Portland's Club Chemtrail records - takes that bangy/clattery/Night Slugs somewhere fresh but still danceable:

Friday, 2 May 2014


Big up to the folks at the Do Androids Dance website, who are exclusively giving away "Super Moon" the lead track off my Cannabis Kitsch EP on Knightwerk. In a lovely review of the EP they say:

"CVNT TRAXXX is a producer that’s probably known more for his work in vogue house, but the influence on his latest album Cannabis Kitsch is all over the place. Jungle sounds, juke licks, deep house vibes, trap hats, and Baltimore club loops all intertwine for a massive body of work, and display advanced taste. In a world where people devour music as if it were 30 second commercials, this release has enough subtle changes and variation to keep us on the edge of our seats. It also includes remixes from Traxxx Romay, Vjuan Allure, Doombah, and Slagz. We decided to offer a stream to highlight the lead track, “Super Moon,” but you can feel free to skip past that and click the purchase link, which will redirect you to the free download of this marvelous release courtesy of Knightwerk Records."

Thursday, 1 May 2014

RBMA Bounce Ballroom Event TONITE

Oh ot be in New York! Check out this fucking line-up - brilliant mix of house music styles and the associiated dance scenes. From the RBMA site:

Four dance styles, four dance crews, four DJs: Bruk Up/Flexing with Bobby Konders, Voguing/Ballroom with MikeQ, Housing/Waacking with Todd Terry, Jersey Club with DJ Sliink. In the tradition of our 2013 United States of Bass event, Red Bull Music Academy pays tribute to hyper-local traditions that have made a global impact. With revered jocks providing the soundtrack and legendary dancers teaching you all the moves, expect a history lesson that your booty will never forget.
BRUK UP with Bobby Konders + dancers Bones the Machine, Drew Dollaz, Samiam, Ghost.
VOGUING with DJ MikeQ and MC Kevin JZ Prodigy + dancers Javier Ninja, Leiomy Prodigy and Dashaun Evisu.
HOUSING with Todd Terry + dancers Eriko, Cricket, Princess Lockeroo.
JERSEY CLUB with DJ Sliink and Mike Gip + dancers SoSo, Fiinesse and Emanni.
Lighting installations by Nuit Blanche New York (NBNY).
For an overview of all Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York events, as well as info on ticketing, visit:
 Here's the promo mix: